Quinoa with Vegetables


Meatless Monday #1: Quinoa with Stir-fry vegetables

1. chop vegetables- I used a mixture of fresh broccoli, carrots, and cauliflower

2. Cook quinoa on stove according to package directions- I used Trader Joe’s organic quinoa, cooked with water (~1.5 servings- if you’re a hungry monster after your first time zumba-ing!)

3. Heat sesame oil in non-stick pan, add chopped garlic

4. Add in vegetables with 1T water

5. Make sauce of ~1.5T honey, 3T reduced sodium soy sauce, freshly grated ginger, more garlic, red pepper flakes

6. Pour on vegetables & cook until slightly soft (I like them still a little crunchy)

7. Once quinoa is cooked- it will have the little white ring around the outside- pour in a bowl & top with vegetable mixture

8. Enjoy- especially enjoy the fact that your apartment smells somewhat like a chinese takeout, except not quite as cheap & risky

Now, back to work!



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