Best Pumpkin Bars Ever & A Snack Mix-Up


How are you? I’m very thankful to be off the road & in Beavercreek, OH. Special thanks to the boyfriend’s family for hosting me for Thanksgiving!

I hope everyone has a safe trip home for the holiday! When you get home, make these (or have your mom make them).

I made MamaPea’s pumpkin bars & they are hands-down the best pumpkin bars I have ever eaten! (I don’t know the protocol on using someone’s recipe, but go to her blog, find them, and make them. How’s that for a citation?)

Adapted slightly because I used skim milk instead of non-dairy milk

They came out more dense, or “claylike” as some would say, but they are super super delicious. Plus, anything with cream cheese frosting can’t be bad, right?!

After the pumpkin bars last night, I needed to lighten things up for lunch:

Spinach, grape tomatoes, carrots, broccoli, and some cheddar topped with a little Italian dressing. I also had some Food Should Taste Good chips on the side (and a blueberry lollipop, unpictured- thanks law library)

After a short !!! contracts class, where my marital status came into question, we hopped in the ol truck and headed south. Obviously, I needed a snack after an hour. Obviously, I asked to stop at the most crowded gas station/fast food trough/starbucks fix on 71 south: GoAsis. It was miserable, took 15 minutes, and ended in amazingness trouble.

I meant to grab peanut butter pretzels. But I accidentally got these:

chocolate covered peanut butter pretzels. it was an accident, i swear. a really, really tasty accident though!


And now, I will stop blogging and spend time with those graciously hosting me. Until I write my dinner post.

Have a great night & to the law students: relax!


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