Happy Thanksgiving!

Hi Everyone!

Happy Thanksgiving! Hope everyone is having a great day with family, friends, & butter good food.

I am taking full advantage of the “don’t study on Thanksgiving” warning, that’s for sure!

We signed up to run a Turkey Trot. What we signed up to do and what we did are two very, very different things. It was absolutely pouring when I woke up this morning. So, we actually went to the race, got our shirts, and left. I think it was a pretty good life decision. Working out is important but forcing yourself to run in the cold rain on a holiday? NO THANK YOU.

I did enjoy the sample of chocolates in my bag though 😉

After the race, I came back to the house and spent the rest of the morning making these:


It took an entire morning because I did this:

That, ladies & gents, is burnt caramel. Very burnt caramel. What can I say? It was my first time. I let it get brown, then inserted the thermometer until it got to 300*. Fatal Error.

The second batch worked nicely, though it ended up being a bit soft. The thermometer fogged up and we didn’t know if it got quite to 340* (I’m guessing not).

Perhaps candy-making is a little much for a casual morning? Especially at someone else’s house? Hm…

The end result was delicious. Crunchy, sweet, slightly salty. Amazing.  Almost enough to make up for the fact that I made a huge gooey mess of the stove and then took a nap.

These are definitely NOT health food, folks, so look out. Too many of these and you’ll be looking like Santa Claus. We all know that’s not attractive, unless you’re in the market for 70 year old women. I won’t judge.

The rest of Thanksgiving was pretty uneventful. A large family gathering is a rough place for a budding food snob. Let’s just say I had a vegetarian Thanksgiving and leave it at that, mmmkay?

Chased down by a few choice home brews & some pumpkin bars 😉 (obviously, like the Pilgrims)

Enjoy the rest of the holiday weekend!

See you tomorrow for some Columbus Blue Jackets hockey action!




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