Jackets On The POWER PLAY

Except they lost! 😦  Very sad indeed but we had a blast anyway.

After we eventually parked the car we ended up at the Elevator Brewing Company in beautiful downtown Columbus. I had been there once before but Schock hadn’t so we decided it would be a good place for dinner.

Note: the original plan was Thurman’s but have you seen that place on a Friday evening?! We would still be in line!

My beer enthusiast was pleased with the selections and after some thinking, we ordered two of the Three Frogs IPA. They were very good. It was happy hour so we each tried another. I had the Nut Brown and Schock had some sort of Pale Ale.

For dinner I had the house salad & a bowl of black bean chili. Both were excellent. It ended up being a great idea to have soup & salad instead of a burger or something else heavy. I felt full but not weighed down. I need to remember to do this more often as I’m generally guilty of over-indulging at restaurants. Schock went out of his usual comfort zone and ordered the club sandwich. It was a carnivore’s dream & very good.

Just look at the grease on those fries. Mmmm.

After dinner we hustled over to Nationwide Arena to cheer on the Columbus Blue Jackets! If you’re ever in Columbus or just want to take a day trip, I highly recommend going to a CBJ game. They are great fun & tickets usually aren’t super expensive (not the cheap seats, anyway). We had a great time, as always, even though the Jackets lost.

(They played the Red Wings so we were extra excited for the Jackets to beat the snot out of a nasty Michigan team! Oh well, better luck to the Buckeyes! )

After the game we headed back to Akron. SO sad to leave Columbus but at least we had some time back in the greatest city in America!

Have a great day!



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