Not-so Lazy Sunday

Hi there, how’s it going?

I hope everyone is having a great Sunday so far. I accidentally slept until 10 this morning. If you know me, that’s really odd. I’m usually up early. I guess I’ll need to set an alarm every day during reading week or I might accidentally sleep my days away!

Once I finally crawled out of bed I made some coffee. Coffee is an interesting item we take for granted every day. I had the pleasure of taking an entire class about Latin America while I was majoring in geography at Ohio State. It’s crazy how many people live & die by coffee- it makes up the livelihood of so many desperately poor farmers, yet we balk at paying more than a few dollars for a cup. Strange.

I’m trying to be more of a discerning consumer when it comes to coffee, aiming to buy fair trade & organic as much as possible. My mom, however, supplied me with LOADS of Folgers & Maxwell House so I’ll be using those up before I make the switch in my own home. Unfortunately, personal finance wins over trying to do good.

So, I made a pot of thisWhile I worked on this:

Apple Pie Oatmeal

1 apple, diced into small chunks- I used an old McIntosh but I would recommend something a little better for cooking/baking

1/2 T maple syrup

2 T water

some cinnamon & a dash of nutmeg

Heat on the stove in a small pot until apples get soft.


1/2 cup skim milk & 1/2 cup water

heat until boiling then add 1/2 cup rolled oats

Cook for ~1 until oats are done

Top with cinnamon & brown sugar. They taste almost like apple pie (I think!)

Serve with some hot coffee & a side of Torts flashcards.

On the agenda for today:

1. Finish torts cards & work on Civ Pro until I “get it”

2. Head to the grocery to stock up on necessities for the next 2 weeks (think diet Mt. Dew & Cheez-Its)

3. Fit in 45 mins of exercise- either a run or on the spin bike & some weights!

Have a great day!


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