What To Do On a Boring Gameday

1. Throw a mini-tantrum and feel sorry for yourself for at least an hour when you realize this is the first year in 5 you aren’t in Columbus for the Big Game

2. Don a sweatsuit made up of entirely Ohio State apparel (including wrapping yourself in a Scarlet & Gray blanket)

3. Drown your sorrows/celebrate the victory with Diet Coke instead of the usual celebratory gameday suspects

4. Get fed up with making “good decisions” and make a seriously bad one:

Cheesesteak from Mr. Zub’s in Highland Square. If you haven’t been to Zub’s yet, I highly suggest you give it a try. Tons of different choices and everything I’ve had has been excellent… except today when I tried to order the Borat (falafel) and they were out of the stuff to make falafel. Leaving me no other option than to order the Rocky Balboa. What a shame…

So shameful, in fact, that we got a side of these:

What? You’ve never been swept up in the moment, when Ohio State is stomping Michigan, and done something you regretted?

After all this, I’m sad to report I actually fell asleep on the couch during the 4th quarter. I blame the bad food- not my lack of pride. Never a lack of Buckeye pride here. Ever.

But seriously, I felt like garbage today. I’ve eaten terribly and haven’t worked out since Wednesday. This is not okay and it’s definitely not how to treat my body before I need it to get me through 2 weeks of finals, ya know?

Tomorrow, detox begins. More greens, less grease; more exercise, less napping.

Now that, at least, feels like a good decision.

Goodnight & Go Bucks!



One thought on “What To Do On a Boring Gameday

  1. I think the rule for finals should be less greens more grease. I though that’s what we all had planned. That sub does look awesome though

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