Have you ever eaten something so fast, or while doing something else, that you didn’t even enjoy it? Or notice that you ate it?

I have been trying to become more of a mindful eater lately. Stopping and taking notice of what I’m eating so I can appreciate it. And then, asking myself whether I am full or still hungry, in hopes of eliminating mindless consumption.

That did not happen just now. I made a new sandwich for lunch- cream cheese & pear butter on wheat. I packed it for the library but ended up eating it at my dining room table while doing practice problems.

I know it was a good combo, but I hardly even noticed I was eating it. Now, I feel disappointed. I’m not satisfied and I want to eat more, even though I don’t need to. I didn’t even take a picture!

While this may seem like a strange post, there is a purpose. During the next few weeks especially, even if you’re caught up in the finals/holidays/busiest time of the year craze, do yourself a favor and be mindful of what you eat.

You may only get a few minutes each day to savor your meal and appreciate everything that went into it. Take advantage of them. Stop, eat, think, enjoy- alone or with others. You just may feel better and more satisfied after. And during this festive season, feeling satisfied or not can make all the difference in the world.

Have a good afternoon- see you tonight with Meatless Monday Dinner #2!



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