Meatless Monday #2

Hi Guys!

Who celebrated Meatless Monday? We did!

The second one was a little less creative than the first. Hopefully within the next few weeks I can bring you some good meatless recipes. I’m afraid you may have to bear with boring a little bit right now!

We had spaghetti with organic pasta sauce & mozzarella and I had a side salad with spinach, carrots, and grape tomatoes (all organic) with the last of my Giant Eagle organic balsamic vinegrette, the greatest stuff ever.

Boring but good and it was ready in about 15 minutes flat- which is exactly what I needed after an awesome hour of zumba!

Note: I usually only buy 100% whole wheat pasta but I thought Schock might deserve this little white pasta treat since he was suffering through meatless Monday. (you like that, guys?)

I have a strange burst of energy. I scoured my kitchen and completed all my Civ Pro flash cards. I guess I’ll run with it and see how much I can get done before I pass out!



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