New Year’s Eve

Hi Guys!

Happy New Year’s Eve! Anyone have anything fun going on tonight? We’re laying low and staying in- I’m regretting not throwing a fabulous party, but I guess there’s always next year 😉

Yesterday was spent traveling back to Akron from PA. It was extremely sad to leave but I wanted to get back here to get things done, relax, and spend NYE with Schock 😀

I have great pictures from my hike the other day so I’m hoping to have those up tomorrow!

This morning started with a hearty breakfast. Dinner last night was meager so I woke up starrrrving.

I had 2 of my mom’s bagels (they are tiny) with peanut butter and a banana

Lunch was an amazing roast beef and cheddar sandwich, made by Schock, and carrot sticks. It was amazing 1. because I didn’t have to make it and 2. roast beef & cheddar is a winning combo

After lunch, we went for a muddy, slushy run on the Towpath.

We meant to do 3 miles but it was such a mess that we only ran 2.25. I used my new Garmin watch and it was so cool! Once I hook it up, I’ll be posting my mile times (in hopes of making myself more accountable for speed). It was awesome knowing exactly how far I ran and how long it took, rather than just guestimating.

This is a picture of my sneakers after the run. So sad 😦 At least no one can make fun of me for having super new looking shoes anymore!

If you’ll excuse me, I am neck-deep in a cleaning project. We are working on cleaning our guest room and making it into a workout room. New Years Resolution time! haha

Have a wonderful, safe night everyone. I hope you all had a great 2010 and wish you a blessed and happy 2011. Thanks for reading this little bloggy and hopefully continuing next year!





Home Bakery

Good Morning 😀

How’s everyone doing? I enjoyed a nice day off of blogging yesterday in order to rest my aching body and eat homemade bagels and breadsticks.

Why was I so sore? Well, Monday night I did a P90X+ workout with my dad- it was upper body and I nearly died. After that, I did Jillian Michaels’ Yoga Meltdown.

I really, really liked the yoga. It’s intense, as you would expect from Jillian, but it was fun and pretty fast- only 30 minutes. I feel like it’s a pretty good fit for me because I want to get into yoga but I don’t necessarily have the attention span for a slow yoga workout.

After my intense workout day, it was nice to have a bread-eating day. I woke up to the smell of my mom making homemade bagels in the bread maker.

She made whole wheat and cinnamon raisin. Both are incredible and I’ve eaten 3 in 24 hours.

I was too busy eating to take a better photo. Forgive me? 🙂

Next up was breadsticks

Topped with butter & cheese

These were nothing short of incredible. White bread flour heaven. I had to check myself before I devoured a day’s worth of calories in one sitting.

Breakfast was a bagel and an orange

Today I’m going for a hike at Rickett’s Glenn State Park then out to dinner with my cousin. It should be a great day!

See you later!


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Hello there 😀

How about this: a lunch post! I haven’t posted 3 meals in quite awhile.

For lunch I chopped up 3 potatoes, 5 carrots, about a cup of frozen green beans and roasted them in a foil-covered pan for 30 minutes.

Then, I added a can of corn (I’m obsessed with canned corn lately) for 10 minutes.

Once everything was soft, I scrambled 2 eggs to top my veggie bowl.

For some reason meat is really grossing me out lately, with the exception of bacon, so I’m really embracing this Meatless Monday thing.

Afternoon snack was a Buckeye made by my aunt. Of course, my Pennsylvania-dwelling family doesn’t call them Buckeyes, but we all know what the are 😉

Now, back to reading & relaxing!