Cake Recipe

Good Morning! … almost afternoon.

I was up late studying so I slept in a bit this morning. Rather than spoiling my lunch with a heavy breakfast so late in the morning, I opted for something light. I spread some Nutella on a banana and called it a day. With coffee. Lots & lots of coffee.

I realize I encouraged cake-baking but failed to provide the recipe. Silly me!

Last night I baked this cake:

Chocolate Banana Cake from I really liked the way it turned out & I don’t think Schock even minded the sneaky bananas too much.

However, I realized halfway through that I was out of vanilla extract. The alternatives were lemon or peppermint and I decided neither of those would work with banana. So, I did what any resourceful baker would do: I used Hershey’s Syrup. And, I think it worked pretty darn well.

Once the cake cooled, I topped it with this icing:

Chocolate Icing

I made 1 1/2 the recipe for the icing since I layered the cake.

The entire project turned out very nicely!

In other news, did anyone notice the light snowfall?! So pleasant to wake up to on December 1st!

Because I am a masochist awesome I have a tradition of running during the first snowfall. So, this afternoon I will be bundling up and heading to the towpath to get in a few miles. Just to prove my toughness.

Hey, I never said burning off that cake was going to be pleasant šŸ™‚

Have a great day!




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