Stressed Snacking

Hi Guys, how’s it going?

Hope you had a good Tuesday! Mine was very productive- lots of studying, some laundry & some random baking.

Things started with breakfast. I finally bought some Nutella after lusting after my classmates’ lunches for days. I spread some on toast & topped it with a banana for a quick breakfast. It was sooo good- just like dessert, and kept me full for hours

Lunch was eaten in the library. I used the last of the pear butter (so sad) mixed with plain Greek yogurt & some granola. I forgot to take a picture. Sorry šŸ™‚

Never one to turn down homemade desserts, I jumped at the chance to sample Alex’s mom’s cookies. I had a small one of each. Thanks Alex!

I made a little snack plate when I got home: apples, carrot sticks, and some almond butter. Carrots dipped in almond butter=fantastic.

Dinner was homemade butternut squash soup & grilled cheese.

I roasted a small butternut squash for around an hour at 350*. I also peeled & baked a small apple for about 30 minutes at the same time.

Then, when the squash was soft, I peeled it & threw it in the blender with around a cup of milk, the apple, ~1t butter, salt, pepper, and cinnamon.

Once it was smooth, I heated it on the stove and made a grilled cheese with wheat and sharp white cheddar (using up my stash).

It was such a delicious and homey dinner. The soup was creamy and rich without being too heavy.

Then, I baked a cake. Schock made me. Chocolate banana with chocolate frosting. Pretty much amazing.

Now I’m watching the Victoria’s Secret fashion show & studying. For future reference, don’t skip your workout, eat 2 cookies and a piece of cake then watch a bunch of beautiful women strut around in undergarments. Not exactly a huge confidence booster… haha.

Have a good night! & go bake a cake, you won’t be sorry!


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