Do Not…

On this, the eve of my first law school exam, I have some advice.

If you are lucky enough not to be in law school, bear with me. I’ll have pretty Christmas decoration pictures tomorrow 🙂


Do Not:

1. Throw up on your classmates

2. Throw up on your Civ Pro exam

3. Stay up late cramming because if you don’t know it now, you don’t know it

4. Panic

5. Hyperventilate

6. Forget your exam snack

7. Forget that you may, in fact, use the restroom during an exam

8. Forget your computer


1.Go to bed early

2. Wake up in time to shower & make coffee

3. Pack your book bag the night before- this includes your exam snack

4. Wake up in time to have a hearty breakfast of oatmeal with a liberal scoop of Nutella

5. …with a piece of chocolate banana cake on top. What?…

If you know me at all, you know I basically live my life going from one panic attack to the next. I am not calm. I am not laid back. I am extremely high-strung and possibly even a bit controlling. But, as I get older I’m learning it doesn’t really help to freak out about things.

Which is why I am going to take a hot shower, have a giant piece of cake with a cup of peppermint tea, and go to bed by 10. The way I see it, I worked all semester to prepare for exams. I have never done this much school work or studying in my life. I probably know more than I think I do and it will all be fine. (Plus, honestly, my life plan is to just rely on my looks).

You too.

Have a snack and go to sleep.

After all, it’s only law school… there’s always next year 😉




One thought on “Do Not…

  1. This is my favorite post. I think you should bring the cake in for the exam snack. Perhaps you could talk Mama Pea into coming to Akron for spring exams and cook for us all. There’s an after exam assignment. Be well

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