Hey Everyone!

I took the day off yesterday. I basically felt dead after the contracts final so I came home, did a little catching up on Glee, ran some errands, napped, and ran/pumped iron/Zumba-ed. It was glorious.

I also made this for dinner:

I sliced a small potato and a huge carrots and grilled them on the Foreman with a turkey burger.

And because I would rather take another final than waste my workout on an enriched white flour hamburger bun, I just ate the turkey burger plain.

The vegetables actually turned out perfectly on the Foreman. Everything ended up getting done at just the same time. Good job, Abby! 🙂

My room in the library isn’t booked until 2 so I’m taking it easy this morning and doing some studying at home. Is it Saturday yet?! I am so so so tired of doing work/studying. Ugh!

I can’t even focus on studying anymore, I’m so burnt out. I decided to hit the gym before the library in hopes that it will help me concentrate better later. I’ll let you know how it goes!

Have a great Thursday!




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