Taco Night

Hola! I hope everyone had a great Sunday.

And, that everyone has sufficiently recovered from last night 😉

Although my apartment is decked out for the holiday season, I basically forgot all about Christmas and Christmas shopping these past few weeks. It seemed like it was a million years away and not something I needed to focus on.

Well, two trips to the mall in two days have brought me back to the reality of the holiday season. I pretty much needed the grace of Baby Jesus himself to keep me from losing my cool while fighting through perfume displays in Dillards. Really, why would you put a display in the middle of the aisle so no one could walk through. Especially larger people (or strollers)- hellllo obesity epidemic. I guess Dillards is just doing it’s part.

After the mall and the grocery, where I bought a 5 pound box of clementines, we celebrated taco night.

Ground turkey, cheese, hotttt salsa, and spinach on corn tortillas. Perfection.

And, enlightening. I knew corn tortillas were a healthier option than flour, but I’ve never made the switch until tonight. Everything changed when I saw these cute little things

Am I the only one who thinks food can be cute? How could you not think these, and mini Blizzards from Dairy Queen, are adorable?

The cutest part about them though is how they stack up nutritionally compared to these

(Schock was not a fan of the conversion, so I bought both varieties. You can’t teach an old dog new tricks)

(Forgive the poor picture quality. I tried forever but then gave up.)

Anyway, the corn tortillas have fewer calories, less sodium, fewer carbs, and a way shorter ingredient list. Win, win, win, win, win.

Plus they were very tasty. Especially enjoyed while watching the Palins and Gosselins go camping together on Sarah Palin’s Alaska.

I was pretty much in heaven for a solid hour. Say what you want, but I really like both of them. Thank you, TLC, for this Christmas miracle.

And, since not much can top that, I’m going to learn how to cut a pomegranate and go to bed.



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