Snowday Shopping

Gooood Evening! Hope everyone is enjoying their Tuesday.

Today Schock and I ventured out into the cold to do some Christmas shopping at Aurora Farms Premium Outlets. The weather wasn’t too bad in Akron but once we got closer to the mall things got nasty. Apparently they got even more snow than we did to the northeast, I’m thinking lake effect. Anyway, it was very blustery and snowy but we had a great time anyway.

Lots of Christmas gifts were purchased and I’m starting to get more and more into the holiday spirit! Maybe it’s because I picked out my gift from Schock?!

Breakfast was an egg, toast, and a clementine- unpictured because I was rushing around!

Lunch was a turkey sub from Subway with spinach, tomatoes, cucumbers, green peppers, and a touch of light mayo. Always a winning combo

With a side of Baked Lays. Sometimes, you just gotta get the chips

Afternoon snack #1 was a gingerbread cookie

Afternoon snack #2 was nutella, “greek” yogurt (plain Stoneyfield Farm yogurt that I strained myself- I’ll show this next week), and a banana.

After my snack settled I did 40 minutes on the spin bike- an endurance ride with a pretty constant pace and resistance most of the time, with a few jumps and short hills added in for fun, then some abs/pushups/squats. It was a great workout & just what I needed today!

Now, the Brew Master is cooking up a batch of Abby’s (dirty) Blonde Bombshell Ale. (name still pending & photos coming tomorrow) and I think I’m having some friends over.

Someone needs to eat these cookies.

Have a great night everyone- stay warm! 🙂



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