Lots of Poms

Good Morning!

Remember two weeks ago when I said I was becoming a completely different person- a night owl instead of an early-riser? Well, it’s still happening. I couldn’t fall asleep until 2am! Of course, then I didn’t wake up until 10:45. So weird!I need to get back into my normal schedule. I feel like a huge bum.

Breakfast was easy since it’s almost lunch time!

I made a yogurt bowl with greek yogurt, lots and lots of pom seeds, and some great new granola I picked up at Marshall’s (also kind of weird). It’s really good though and it was only $3.99!

I’m pretty obsessed with POM seeds. Sweet, tart, crunchy- they’re perfect in yogurt, on salads, on oatmeal. Anything, really. Give them a try today, they’re in season right now!

And now, shopping day 4 shall commence. What mall will we end up at today?!

Then, I have a plans for a triathalon workout of sorts- I’ll explain later 😀

Have a great day everyone!



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