Shopping Day 3

Hey guys! I’m late-night blogging today!

Things were verrrrry lazy here most of the day. Lots of couch napping and NatGeo channel watching. It was glorious.

I feel like I never really relaxed the entire semester. Sure, I wasn’t always doing work, but I never really felt like I could completely relax. There was always something I should be doing. Not anymore! It feels so great to just sit around and read, cook, and watch movies without feeling like I’m slacking.

Eventually we got bored and decided to take a trip to North Canton for the Belden Village Mall. Schock has been perusing suits lately so it’s giving us something to do. This was our third trip to a mall in three days! Whoa.

After working up quite the appetite while shopping, we went to Red Robbin for dinner. I had one thing on my mind: onion rings.

So, this happened:

5 onion rings split between two people… that’s probably only like 1,000 calories each right?! haha. Some things are just worth it.

I went with a lighter dinner option since I indulged in quite the appetizer. I’m a big, big fan of Red Robbin’s turkey burger (chipotle mayo- be still, my heart) but I got a salad and soup instead

Greens have never tasted so good. I wish it was about 3x as big to make up for the bad food I’ve been eating lately! I also wish I asked for no cheese!

And, chicken tortilla soup. Honestly, this was pretty disappointing. Definitely not the best I’ve ever had. It was neither spicy nor flavorful, which I count on chicken tortilla soup to be! Bummer.

Schock had this delicious looking cheeseburger. I was super jealous!

Now we’re home watching possibly the greatest Christmas movie ever- A Christmas Story.

And then calling it a night.

I promise to be back for breakfast!



One thought on “Shopping Day 3

  1. As you are not a Canton native, I would not expect you to know the following about Red Robin. A few years back, a Red Robin diner much like yourself decided to enjoy a salad there. She got a little something extra with the salad though, the top of someone’s finger. Someone back in the kitchen had cut themselves, went to the hospital, but failed to look around for the finger tip they had cut off. While this hasn’t happened again to my knowledge, I’ve always been a little leery about that Red Robin since. I’m sure you noticed the large Red Robin with the thumbs up inside the restaurant. I’ve always wanted to just save a little off of the thumb, as a memorial to what happened.

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