What’s the Point?

Hi guys! 🙂 Happy Thursday night! The best night for tv, except when it’s winter break 😦 Bummer! Good thing there’s a Jackets game on!

So, what’s with the depressing sounding title, you may be asking. Well, I was doing some thinking tonight after one of my favorite blogs, www.dailygarnish.com (formerly The Front Burner) changed today. Obviously, my blog is very new. Although I’ve been thinking of writing one for months, I only built up the courage to do it recently when some friends encouraged it 🙂

I wanted to start a blog about life during law school because I think it is so important to always keep things in perspective. Sure, school is important and so are careers, but health and diet are also extremely important and all things combined can lead to a happier life. It is key to remember that balance and moderation in all things- work, play and diet, is what really makes a difference.

I clearly have no real training in dietetics or even fitness for that matter (although I do have some fitness instructor training). I’m just trying to live my life as well as I can, balancing the enjoyable with the stressful. I want to show everyone that you can eat well, have fun, exercise and work hard at school or work. Without sacrificing anything. Sure, the blog is from a law student’s perspective, but I think anyone with a busy life can relate to it.

So, thanks for reading. Hopefully I can help you with healthy eating ideas/suggestions and workouts that I do, along with general stories about my life. I hope you do the same- feel free to use the comments section. That’s what it’s there for!

Now- on to super important things, like what I had for lunch at the nicest mall in Northeast Ohio- Beachwood Place!

Chick-fil-A was the safest favorite option. I went with the #1, which in case you aren’t a fan, is the classic chicken sandwich. Why mess with a good thing?

This blog really is holding me more accountable, which I think is a great thing! I opted for a side salad with light raspberry balsamic instead of fries

If you’re looking for a decent fast food salad, I would definitely recommend Chick-fil-A. It was really fresh and it came with all sorts of great addition, like sunflower seeds. I decided I didn’t need the extra fats though so I didn’t use them.

Remember when I chose a salad over fries? Well, the cashier didn’t! I got fries too.

I had a few. Waffle fries trump willpower, always. And I scarfed my chicken sandwich with reckless abandon. Halfway through I realized I didn’t photograph it but by then it was less than appealing looking. Sorry! Just use your imagination- or go get one 😉

After the mall, I planned to do an “Abby triathalon” , consisting of Zuma, an abs class, and a boot camp class. I did Zumba and abs but then I was so hungry I was about to die so I bailed on boot camp. Next time! I loooove me a good boot camp class!

Dinner was fast & easy. We don’t have alot of groceries

PB & J, carrots with hummus, and two clementines. Dinner was also brought to you by the color Orange. haha

Well, that about wraps up my day! Thanks for bearing with the long post and reading along with my life. I hope it helps provide great ideas and some laughs. Have a great night, everyone!



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