Friiiiday Night

Hey guys! Happy Friday night! Anyone doing anything exciting?

I’m babysitting this little cutie

That’s Katherine. She was my BFF all last year when I was her nanny. It was sooo fun to see her and play again tonight. I may have kept her up past her bedtime since we were having so much fun… šŸ˜€

I also got my Christmas cards done. Quite the productive night!

Dinner was Chinese delivery.

And it was absolutely terrible. Every once in awhile I get it in my head that Chinese food would be good. Every single time I regret it. I wanted mixed vegetables in brown rice. I had to have a $15 minimum so I added chicken and some nasty egg rolls. Chinese food chicken just plain Sorry. Maybe I’ve just never had any that was good??

Looks okay. Tasted terrible. What a disappointment!

Oh well. Lesson learned until next time.

I’ll definitely be packing a healthy lunch for my brother & I when we travel home tomorrow! Don’t want to be at the mercy of fast food. Yuck.

Before babysitting, I did a pretty killer strength workout in this month’s Women’s Health. I tried to find it online but couldn’t & now I don’t have it with me. I did 5 minutes of warm up (jumping jacks, jump rope, hamstring curls, high-knees, jumping jacks) then 8 moves, 2 sets of each, 12 reps, 6 lb weight. It was tough but fun.

Now, time for some lame tv. Quite the rockin’ Friday night over here!




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