It’s Beginning to Look A lot like… January?

Isn’t the day after Christmas such a drag?

No presents, no parties, nothing to look forward to.

I always find myself feeling kind of down on December 26th, so I decided to turn my mood around today and think of what I can look forward to

  • Christmas leftover dinner at my Aunt & Uncles
  • Seeing my cousins since they spent Christmas day with significant others
  • SNOW!!!! in NEPA
  • Hiking with my Dad & Brother, which has become a Christmas break tradition, despite the snow and ice
  • Shopping! for some sick reason, I really love going shopping the day after Christmas
  • Leftover cookies

I guess there is something to look forward to. And a party. And, maybe even more presents. This isn’t so bad after all.

What are you looking forward to now? New Years Eve is coming up fast!

Christmas day was extraordinarily busy because we hosted my family this year. The morning was spent opening presents and the afternoon was spent cooking and getting ready for family.

My favorite present was the Garmin Forerunner

I’ve wanted this for so long. Hopefully it will help me get faster/love running again?!







A cute little iPod shuffle so I don’t have to lug my big 6 year old iPod when I run.








Two killer Jillian DVDs

And, clothes and a ton of MaryKay (Thanks, Aunt Stephanie!). Again, is my family trying to tell me something?? I’m not sure.


We ended up having a great meal even though there were only 9 of us. You can tell everyone is growing up because the Christmas dinner table is getting smaller and smaller!

The spread included a brussels sprouts & apples dish that I made from Daily Garnish,

green bean casserole, a cute little all-natural turkey I picked out, ham, carrots, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce (Yes, out of a can. This is NEPA and we love it), rolls, and an obscene amount of desserts.

I filled my plate with reckless abandon but only ended up eating around 3/4 of it, thankfully.

Honestly. What was I thinking?! That’s wayyy too much food!!

After dinner my family went to NayAug Park in Scranton to look at the annual Christmas light scene.

And just like that, Christmas was over for another year!

Now, where did I put my cookies running shoes?

Have a great Sunday everyone & safe travels to anyone in the North East!



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