Back to Normal

Hi Guys! Happy Monday :-)… I think. Isn’t vacation weird? I’m having trouble keeping track of what day it is.

All I do know is that, in terms of food, things are getting back to normal here!

Breakfast was a smoothie with:

  • a banana
  • 4 huge strawberries
  • 1/4 cup vanilla yogurt
  • 1 cup skim milk

It’s amazing how something as simple as a smoothie can taste so healthy and good after a week of cookie breakfasts!

Last night was a blast- my aunt & uncle have everyone over for dinner the day after Christmas. My dad and I went over and had an Italian food feast with a side of present opening and playing with toys!

My plate was loaded up with lasagna, chicken parmigiana, a meatball, and big slice of bread. I ate all of the chicken, half the lasagna, and most of the bread. I’m not a big meatball person, I guess.

Then, we opened more presents! Aren’t my cousins the cutest?!

Little kids just make Christmas so much more fun, don’t you think?

If you’ll excuse me, I need to run a few errands (like getting my passport!!!) and finally get some exercise!

See you later,





One thought on “Back to Normal

  1. You could have taken Andy to your Aunt and Uncle’s dinner. It would be perfect for him, a plate with three main dishes and a piece of bread. No vegetables or fruit!

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