Home Bakery

Good Morning 😀

How’s everyone doing? I enjoyed a nice day off of blogging yesterday in order to rest my aching body and eat homemade bagels and breadsticks.

Why was I so sore? Well, Monday night I did a P90X+ workout with my dad- it was upper body and I nearly died. After that, I did Jillian Michaels’ Yoga Meltdown.

I really, really liked the yoga. It’s intense, as you would expect from Jillian, but it was fun and pretty fast- only 30 minutes. I feel like it’s a pretty good fit for me because I want to get into yoga but I don’t necessarily have the attention span for a slow yoga workout.

After my intense workout day, it was nice to have a bread-eating day. I woke up to the smell of my mom making homemade bagels in the bread maker.

She made whole wheat and cinnamon raisin. Both are incredible and I’ve eaten 3 in 24 hours.

I was too busy eating to take a better photo. Forgive me? 🙂

Next up was breadsticks

Topped with butter & cheese

These were nothing short of incredible. White bread flour heaven. I had to check myself before I devoured a day’s worth of calories in one sitting.

Breakfast was a bagel and an orange

Today I’m going for a hike at Rickett’s Glenn State Park then out to dinner with my cousin. It should be a great day!

See you later!


P.S. Looking for something interesting/disturbing to read? Check this out

The Truth About Your Weight Gain


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