New Year’s Eve

Hi Guys!

Happy New Year’s Eve! Anyone have anything fun going on tonight? We’re laying low and staying in- I’m regretting not throwing a fabulous party, but I guess there’s always next year 😉

Yesterday was spent traveling back to Akron from PA. It was extremely sad to leave but I wanted to get back here to get things done, relax, and spend NYE with Schock 😀

I have great pictures from my hike the other day so I’m hoping to have those up tomorrow!

This morning started with a hearty breakfast. Dinner last night was meager so I woke up starrrrving.

I had 2 of my mom’s bagels (they are tiny) with peanut butter and a banana

Lunch was an amazing roast beef and cheddar sandwich, made by Schock, and carrot sticks. It was amazing 1. because I didn’t have to make it and 2. roast beef & cheddar is a winning combo

After lunch, we went for a muddy, slushy run on the Towpath.

We meant to do 3 miles but it was such a mess that we only ran 2.25. I used my new Garmin watch and it was so cool! Once I hook it up, I’ll be posting my mile times (in hopes of making myself more accountable for speed). It was awesome knowing exactly how far I ran and how long it took, rather than just guestimating.

This is a picture of my sneakers after the run. So sad 😦 At least no one can make fun of me for having super new looking shoes anymore!

If you’ll excuse me, I am neck-deep in a cleaning project. We are working on cleaning our guest room and making it into a workout room. New Years Resolution time! haha

Have a wonderful, safe night everyone. I hope you all had a great 2010 and wish you a blessed and happy 2011. Thanks for reading this little bloggy and hopefully continuing next year!





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