A Treat

Hi Friends! Happy Saturday 😀 Hope you’re having a great weekend so far!

Last night when Schock got home from work we made an executive decision to cheat on our promise. Neither of us wanted to cook a thing after such a long week so we got ready and went out to dinner.

We had one thing on the mind: pizza. We both seriously love pizza. I, however, only really like going out for pizza. I think take-out pizza gets gross during its journey home. I like a fresh, bubbly pizza straight from the oven to my table with a shaker of crushed red pepper at the ready.

So, we went to Luigi’s- the best pizza place in Akron. By far.

(taken from their website- it was very dark and very cold while we were there!)

Luigi’s is great. The food is super delicious, the wait-staff is attentive, and the atmosphere is equal parts bustling, charming, and slightly tacky. I love it. I love it so much that I overlooked the fact that the waitress stared at my ID for a solid minute before deciding I was old enough for a Heineken. My 24th birthday is in 2 weeks…

Anyway, I had a side salad and we shared a whole cheese pizza (cue Kevin McAllister) and garlic bread (no photos as it is very dark inside). The meal was great and a little date night was the perfect way to end the week.

It’s funny how something as simple as pizza becomes fun when you stop going out regularly. I like how things are changing 🙂

Lunch yesterday was oatmeal. I can’t get enough lately- what’s going on?! I guess I’m over being over oatmeal!

The Trader Joe’s Cinnamon Almonds really turn an ordinary bowl of oatmeal into something extremely tasty. I’m dreading the day I run out.

Snack was a giant green smoothie

Look closely. Do you see those orange flecks? It’s frozen nectarines from the summer! I forgot they were in my freezer and when I found them yesterday, I had to add them. It was delicious.

1/2 a frozen banana, 1/2 cup frozen nectarines, 1 cup spinach, 1/2 cup vanilla yogurt and 1 cup milk. Perfect afternoon snack!

This morning I added some Nutella to my coffee, going off of Jenna’s Nutella hot chocolate recipe- yes, it was as great as it sounds. Hopefully it powers me through a day of LARW research & a long run

(I need some cute fabric or place mats so you guys stop getting shots of my carpet!)

I’m off to finish my research then head to my beloved friend Finn’s house for a girls night of food & catching up.I’m SO excited- I haven’t seen her pretty face since November.

Have a great Saturday everyone! 😀



Chicken Dinner

Happy Thursday! Only 2 more classes until the weekend 🙂

I made a fabulous (if I do say so myself) dinner last night. I cooked and ate chicken for the first time in quite awhile. And, for the first time in a long time I felt comfortable eating it.

Thanks, Trader Joe’s, for providing me with this

Organic Free Range chicken legs. I’m trying to keep my diet mostly plant-based with the occasional addition of meat- but only organic, sustainably raised meat. If I don’t know how it was raised, I’m not eating it. And that’s that.

I spread the chicken with some EVOO and a great spice rub my mom gave me. I roasted the legs in the oven at 375* for about 40 minutes

I also roasted a lovely organic butternut squash at the same time. I sliced it in half, scooped the seeds out, and roasted it face down in a little water for 45 minutes. I topped it with butter and cinnamon. And then I ate a huge pile of it :-)With some creamy, buttery homemade organic mashed potatoes.

Are you seeing a theme here? Organic + Abby= true love.

Sorry for the lighting. The lights in my apartment are truly terrible for nighttime photography. I think I need to do something about this!

Doesn’t that dinner look great though? I loved it. Schock did too- he ate the other 4 chicken legs 🙂 Organic + Shock = true love 😉 (well, at least I’m trying to make that happen)

Breakfast this morning was more OOIATupperware.

Except this morning I added the cinnamon almonds and blackberries before the gym. While I was cycling, the cinnamon melted off and gave the entire bowl a lovely, cinnamony-sugary flavor. It was nothing short of amazing, I assure you. Give it a try!!!

Time to get to work between classes- is it lunch time yet?!

Have a great afternoon friends- see ya later 😀


Traveling Oats

Good Morning everyone! How are you? 🙂

I’m doing well- I got some extra sleep this morning because I accidentally slept through my alarm. Not to worry though, I’m going to boot camp at 3:15 then running a few miles after. This might be the new Wednesday ritual, if it works out, because I need to work on my strength!

I didn’t have the energy to make Banana Soft-Serve last night, but I’m hoping to do so tonight. You’ll love it- I promise.

I did, however, work on some great portable breakfast ideas.

One of my favorites is OOIAJ- or, Overnight Oats In A Jar. This is a delicious creation that you can only make when you have a nearly empty peanut or nut butter jar.

But, as this is pretty rare, I have an alternate solution. Overnight Oats In A Tupperware 😀

To Make:

  1. put 1/2 cup rolled oats in a small bowl
  2. add 1/2 cup milk & 1/2 cup yogurt- any kind would work but I think unflavored or vanilla is best- vanilla will add a nice, slightly sweet touch
  3. add flax meal or wheat germ as desired
  4. add a scoop of nut butter if desired (I need a little healthy fat in the morning or I’ll be dying of hunger an hour later)
  5. mix up and keep in the fridge overnight

When you wake up, add toppings and go. Toppings I like: banana, granola, chopped nuts, berries. The possibilities are endless.

This breakfast is great anytime but it’s especially delicious in the summer. It’s cold, creamy, and kind of doughy. I love it!

This was my breakfast. Oats, milk, vanilla yogurt. Topped with TJ’s cinnamon almonds (these are quickly becoming my favorite oatmeal topper, ever) and a lot of blackberries.

I packed it up and ate it right before Civ Pro, which worked wonderfully.

If you’re looking for a healthy breakfast on the go, give Over Night Oats a try. You won’t be disappointed! 😀

Have a great day!