Hi Guys! Happy New Year!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful, relaxing day Saturday/New Years Day.

We ended up going out for a little bit last night. It was very tame, but fun, and we were home by 1am.  We got to see some lovely friends too!

And, I got to wear a dress 😀 And take some really ridiculous pictures. No one ever said I was cool..

And one nice picture 🙂


I started my day off with a bacon, egg, and cheese breakfast sandwich. It went unpictured due to its scandalous nature. But, it was delicious.

After a little digesting, I did yoga (from my Jillian Michaels dvd). I cannot express how much I love this dvd. I really want to get into yoga but need guidance and I need something fast enough to keep my attention… I’m not much for slow-paced workouts. I love all of her workouts and yoga is no different. I’m hooked! Hopefully this will help me build enough confidence to do yoga outside of my home 🙂

And, it got me thinking about New Years Resolutions. I’m generally not a big fan of resolutions because I think they are very short-sighted and don’t encourage long-term habits. However, I did come up with one in hopes that it will create a habit. My NYR is to do yoga every day in the month of January. I think if I can this, which is totally reasonable, I’ll be able to start getting into yoga and hopefully continue my “practice”. How about you, do you have any resolutions?

I had a Green Monster for my post-workout snack/lunch

Looks gross, tastes great.

This beauty contained:

1 banana

1 cup skim milk

2 handfuls baby spinach

1T chocolate syrup

I drank it on the way to buy a bathroom scale. Then, we came home and I weighed myself. And, then I had a meltdown. Someone will be working on dropping the Christmas cookies she added to her body 😉

Dinner was turkey burgers (no bun or cheese for me) with homemade fries. I sliced 3 organic potatoes into fry-like strips, coated them with 1t of olive oil and salt & pepper, and baked them at 400* for ~35 minutes, stirring once.

I enjoyed mine with a simple spinach salad with glorious Giant Eagle organic balsamic vinegarette- my favorite dressing ever.


The evening will be spent watching football and the Winter Classic. What a terrible day for the Big Ten in bowl games! Ugh.

Have a wonderful Saturday night everyone- see you tomorrow!



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