A Very Busy Day

Hi Everyone! Hope you had a great Monday back in the swing of things.

Somehow it’s 7:30 already- I have no idea where the day went

I started off with a banana bread breakfast bake that I loosely adapted from Healthy Tipping Point. I didn’t get it right where I want it though, but hopefully I’ll have a recipe for you soon. It was pretty fab 😀

Before baking

After baking- drizzled with a little maple syrup 😀

Enjoyed with a hot cup of coffee from my new Christmas mug

Lunch was a huuuuge salad of:

  • spinach
  • carrots
  • tomatoes
  • hummus
  • balsamic
  • salt & pepper

And one of my mom’s wheat bagels with cheddar

Wanna know the secret to a great salad? Hummus! Add a dollop of hummus & some balsamic vinegrette, and you’re in salad heaven.

Dinner was way less exciting, but easy & delicious. Leftover pizza


I also ran 3 miles (!) today. I’m slowly working my way back up. It was painful and COLD but I felt good when I was done and I got to use my Garmin watch. I can’t believe I haven’t had one of those things this entire time- it would have made half marathon training so much easier!

Maybe I’ll have to do another one just to test it?? 😉

After my run I did a 20 minute yoga workout. No Jillian today, my aching muscles needed a break. I will be seeing her first thing in the morning though, I’m sure she missed me.

Now, time to play Playstation Move and relax. We did a speed-clean of the apartment because I didn’t think I could play video games while knowing the place was a mess 🙂

Sugar Bowl tomorrow- get excited!


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