Feeling Better

Hello Friends! I am pleased to report I am feeling back to normal.

I think I cleansed some of the greasy chicken fingers from my body with yoga. And the most beautiful salad I could ever imagine.

What, you don’t think salads are beautiful? Check this out.

It was so good. Sometimes,  greens are all a body really needs.

And, homemade pizza 😀 Again.

Schock really, really likes pizza and I really, really like using my fancy food processor to shred pricey cheeses we splurged on. Oh, and kneading dough isn’t too bad either.

How many 23 year olds enjoy kneading dough on a Thursday night? I’m gonna go with like, one. Me. Oh well.

I’d like to think that this little personal pizza was worth being weird for.

A little one for me, a big one for Schock, and another ball of dough in the freezer for another time. Perfection.

I’d like to tell you I ate half. I tried, I really did. But it was so good. I ate the.whole.thing. At least it was only 6 inches wide?? Haha

Other eats today included a “Diane” sandwich with tomato soup

Wrap your cold sandwich (ham, swiss, and lottts of mustard in this case) in aluminum foil. Bake in the oven at 350* for 20 minutes. Enjoy a “Diane” sandwich 😀

Snack today was a lovely organic pear, enjoyed while making pizza dough with shaking post-yoga arms

In other news, thanks for bearing with my strange post last night.

To clear things up: I don’t think anyone, myself included, needs to eat “perfectly” all the time. Some of the best food on this earth is not “healthy”. However, I can tell a distinct difference in my energy and overall wellness when I eat great, whole foods. I feel better, more energetic, more alert and generally happier (I mean it!) when I’m eating foods my body was meant to consume.

I think everyone does. It only makes sense! We need to fuel ourselves for the long haul, not ask our bodies to run on junk.

So, today I tried to clean up my food a little, with the exception of a little pizza 🙂 and I feel much better. Hopefully you did too, and you also feel great!

Have a great night everyone- tomorrow is Friday!!!



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