Back to Reality

Whoa. So much for easing in gradually.

School is back. With a vengeance. And I’m determined not to let my workouts or my eating slack.

So far, so good. However, this effort combined with an inordinate amount of reading, already, has made blogging rough. I’m sorry! I know you all long to read about what I eat on a daily basis šŸ˜‰

I do have some lovely pictures for you. But alas, I am in the library and my camera is at home. I’ll fill you in and give you some pictures tomorrow. How’s that for a trade? šŸ˜€


I woke up at 5;45 to have a small breakfast, pack a lunch, and get to the gym for 7am cycling.

Was it worth it? Yes! It was the best cycling class I’ve taken at that Godforsaken less-good than OSU rec center. Sorry Akron, but when it comes to fitness classes, you really can’t compete. But this class was good and I felt perfectly tired/energized when I left.

Pre-breakfast was banana bread I made on Sunday (recipe to come soon!) and coffee. Second breakfast was my PB&J for lunch at breakfast time. Lunch was the oatmeal and pear I packed for breakfast but didn’t have time to eat before class. No one likes the girl who brings oats to class, so I decided to save it haha šŸ™‚

Snack was a bowl of Cheerios + frantic errands and dinner was a can of Organic Black Bean soup with some cheddar & tortilla chips for topping. I’m positively starving as I write this so an evening snack may be in order. If I can keep my eyes open!

Yesterday: Meatless Monday

Breakfast: eggs with hot salsa (yes, I know eggs come from chickens) and banana bread. Weird combo, don’t try it.

Lunch: PB &J on wheat, carrot sticks, apple. Kindergartner lunch. Don’t judge.

Dinner: 2 refried bean tacos. This has to be my new favorite meal idea. Small tortilla, hefty scoop of heated vegetarian refried beans, cheese, spinach, salsa. So delicious, meatless, filling, and healthy! And, surprisingly pretty. I have pictures for tomorrow šŸ˜€

Last night I also went to Zumba. It was terrible. I will now only be going on Thursdays when the girl I like teaches. I’m such a gym snob. But I can’t help it. When you only have an hour a day to workout it needs to be worthwhile!

On that note, tomorrow will be a purely yoga day. Jillian is missing me. And now I need to finish my work so I can go home and crash into my bed. It also misses me.

Thanks for bearing with me- have a great night & I’ll see you tomorrow with some pictures!!!


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