Hi Guys! Wednesday is almost over- can you believe it?! The weeks go so quickly in law school. It’s kinda great.

No workout today. Three reasons. 1. I overslept this morning by over an hour 2. I had tofu for dinner. I feel like that counts as a workout 🙂 haha 3. Double workout Thursday starts tomorrow- get excited!

This was my first experience with tofu and I can’t say I loved it. It was… interesting. And, I burned it on accident so that didn’t help.

The “fries” were good though, and so was the side salad I made but scarfed before I took a picture. I was starving.

I ate as much tofu as I could stomach. Hopefully the next go-around is more successful? Any tips?!

I’ll for sure be supplementing my smallish dinner with a bowl of peppermint icecream soon 😉

Lunch was another PB&J with a pear and a few little cracker chip things from the vending machine. I was too hungry for just a sandwich and a pear! I’m a monster.

The great thing about packing PB&J is that no matter how smushed it is, it’s still pretty darn good.

Snack was a mini Larabar in the morning and some Wheat Thins & a Laughing Cow cheese wedge around 3

Breakfast was a piece of toast and a Green Monster that went to Civ Pro with me. My classmates looooved it 😉 Spinach, banana, peanut butter, chocolate syrup, and milk. Can’t go wrong. Seriously, try it! Brandon liked it :-)haha

My homework is (mostly) done for tomorrow, dinner is cleaned up, and I’m going to relax and watch Louis C.K. standup on the DVR. Earrrrly wakeup tomorrow!

Have a great night friends!

But first, I promised a picture of my refriend bean tacos, didn’t I?

Now isn’t that pretty? Thought so. 🙂


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