I feel like today was equal parts extremely fast and painfully slow.

My day started at 6am sharp. I got up, made my lunch and got ready then I headed to cycling at the Rec. I was pleased to see my dear friend Howard in 7am cycling class! Knowing you have a friend in a class, struggling along with you, makes it so much better and quicker for some reason 🙂

I packed a great, healthy lunch too. Thursday started off great!

Hummus & romaine on wheat. Kind of odd but it ended up being really delicious and just as filling as a meatier option may have been

Paired with dirty unpeeled carrot sticks and a pear.

Breakfast was in 3 parts: a banana before cycling, slice of bread with Nutella after cycling, and plain yogurt with vanilla protein powder & pomegranate seeds.

Funny story about that last item…

The painfully slow part of Thursday is the 3 hour break between classes. I used this time to chat with my classmates and do a tiny amount of work. And, to eat my yogurt.

Well, I got a pom seed stuck in my teeth. Cute, right? Well, I am a compulsive flosser and can’t stand food in my teeth, at all, even for a second. I think it hurts.

Anyway, my darling Kandy (;-)) suggested that I use a Mike n Ike box- the cardboard kind- to get it out since no one had floss. This ended poorly, as you might have guessed. I got cardboard in my teeth and I panicked. Luckily, my darling Contracts professor had dental floss, and after knocking my pride down a few pegs, I was able to settle both teeth issues. Crisis averted, embarrassment elevated.

After class I went to the Post Office to get my Passport! There was a long line of complaining people. I almost got annoyed but then I thought, this is really incredible. I’m waiting in line to get a document that will allow me to freely travel around the world, from my safe country to other safe countries, for personal enjoyment. Waiting in a Passport line is truly a burden of the privileged. It means you have the ability and the incredible opportunity to go abroad, something millions of people only dream of. So, I kept my mouth shut and waited patiently for my turn, remembering how thankful I should be for the life I am able to live.

Then I came home and took an epic nap 😀 God Bless America. haha

Dinner was spaghetti with jarred sauce. Sorry! I was tired. But I did bulk it up with some spinach. Need an easy way to get some greens in/feel like you’re eating more pasta without actually upping your portion size?? Put your noodles and sauce on a bed of baby spinach!

The spinach wilts ever-so-slightly and the whole combo is delicious. The freshly grated parm didn’t hurt, either 🙂

Well, time for bed for this girl. I feel like I’m coming down with something?! Ugh. Bring on the oranges- nutrition to the rescue!


P.S. That whole double workout Thursday business didn’t happen because I was completely exhausted from my a.m. workout & after school errands. Next week for sure!!! 😀



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