Birthday Weekend!

No, not mine. You would have heard about that for weeks 😉

Schock’s Birthday!

The exciting weekend began with a  3 mile run then a salad to end all salads. And a nap 🙂

I present to you: a salad beast.

A mixing bowl filled with an entire head of romaine, two hard boiled eggs, carrots, and a little cheese.

Topped with ranch dressing. I know, I know. Ranch dressing? Really?

I know it isn’t healthy. But you know what? If ranch dressing is wrong, I don’t want to be be right 😉

Dinner, once I arrived at my destination, was pizza and more salad! With more ranch dressing haha

I hadn’t eaten meat in 6 days. Mostly by accident- I didn’t really intend to do it, but it was kind of nice. I didn’t miss it at all. Then, I ate sausage and pepperoni pizza. Oops 🙂

This morning was filled with a wonderful Trader Joe’s trip. I stocked up on everything that looked cool I needed. My pantry should be happy for awhile!

Lunch was a ham, swiss, and spicy mustard panini with a heaping mound of homemade coleslaw (I have a major love for coleslaw, coated in black pepper), a few chips and an orange. All made for me, which = even more delicious.

Snack was a few handfuls of Moose Munch

Wonder what’s for dinner??

Hopefully some birthday cake! 😉

Have a great Saturday night everyone- I’m off to a graduation party!


P.S. Happy Birthday Eric & Aunt Julie!!! 🙂


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