Black Bean Burger

Happy Almost Friday!  How’s everyone doing?!:-D

Last night I made a new recipe: black bean burgers. They turned out pretty well but I need to tweak the recipe a bit before I share it. I’m sure you’ll understand 🙂

I made two so I had one for dinner before an intense treadmill interval workout, and one for lunch today.Microwaved black bean burger = no good, fyi.

Topped with copious amounts of organic ketchup & mustard and eaten plain. It was tasty and filling- and what’s even better, I knew all of the ingredients and it was very inexpensive. A definite staple in my dinner repertoire 😀

Eats the past few days have been pretty decent- lots of fresh fruit & veggies eaten plain or in smoothie form

Cycling was absolutely packed this morning. Howard, Erin, and Kandice were there and it made my heart happy 🙂 Working out with friends makes it so much more fun.

Plan for the rest of the day: contracts class, dentist appointment, making Schock a delicious dinner, and hopefully Zumba if I still have enough energy!

Have a great day everyone,



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