Need More Hours

What I wouldn’t give for more hours in the day! I think I need to start sleeping less, except I’m pretty much a miserable, terrible person without at least 7 hours a night. What to do, what to do…

Anyway, how are you?! It’s been awhile! I took the weekend off for some much needed relaxation but I did take pictures. So, while I’m finishing up Torts & Contracts, you can take a peek at what I’ve been feasting on. How’s that sound? 🙂

Berry & Banana smoothie. Frozen bananas really make smoothies better!

Organic TJ’s mac & cheese with hot sauce and a heaping pile of green beans. A sort-of kid’s meal, but elevated with some garlic & crushed red pepper!

Oatmeal with cinnamon roasted almonds & maple syrup on top. Deeeelicious!

Hummus wrap with loads of veggies & hot sauce. Healthy, homemade fast food.

Whole wheat spaghetti with marinara and loads of cauliflower. Easy, quick, and reasonably tasty. It’s all we could manage after a hectic Monday.

Breakfast today was a PB & Nutella sandwich while rushing out the door, and lunch was TJ’s Greek yogurt with pom seeds, carrot sticks, a pear, and a cup of leftover mac & cheese. Snack was Cheerios & skim milk. Nothing fancy but a day packed with lots of nutrients!

I feel like I’m getting sick and I’m very nervous about it. Hopefully lots of fruits & vegetables, a good night’s sleep, and 7am cycling will help perk me up.

Law school is important but health & personal well-being rank higher on my list of priorities- so, it’s off to bed for me 🙂




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