Hi Friends- how is your Tuesday going?

Mine has been pretty good- great (packed!!) cycling class this morning, a nice long afternoon nap, and I’m seeing the light at the end of the tunnel that is Wednesday’s reading.

I’m currently in the library dreaming of Banana Soft-Serve. Don’t know what that is? Wait and see!

The plan is to get my work done and head home in time to watch:

  • The State of the Union Address
  • Ohio State basketball
  • Blue Jackets hockey
  • The Biggest Loser

I think SOTU & BL will be getting recorded for a later date!

Breakfast was eaten in several parts: mini LaraBar before the gym, slice of wheat bread with nutella after the gym during class, 1/4C trail mix, and a bowl of creamy vanilla yogurt chock full of blackberries

I rarely ever buy flavored yogurt because of all the sugar so this is definitely a delicious treat, especially with fresh blackberries (only purchased because they were on sale!)

Lunch was a PB&J and a pear- boring but easily thrown together at 6am

A very early post-nap, pre-library dinner was another one of these bad boys

If it isnt’ broke, don’t fix it! haha

I’m quickly realizing that with everything going on, if I don’t work out in the morning it probably isn’t going to happen. This creates a problem for my breakfast-loving self: what do I eat on the go every morning?!

Time to get creative. Stay tuned for an exciting portable breakfast tomorrow!

Until then, I’ll be dreaming of/eventually creating, some banana soft-serve… if I ever get my work done. Yuck!

Have a good night,



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