Snow Day!

Happy Snow Day everyone!!!

I really needed this day off 🙂

I woke up pretty early for a day off because I want to appreciate the entire extra day. I’m weird like that. 😉

I knew what I had to do with my extra morning time: pancakes!

I used a Trader Joe’s multi-grain pancake & waffle mix to create these babies

Two banana pancakes topped with banana slices, blackberries, and real maple syrup. What a treat compared to my usual rushing-out-the-door breakfast!

I also ground my own coffee beans last night, so I’m enjoying a delicious mug of fresh coffee right now 🙂

Mmmmm… fresh coffee grounds smell so good! I think it’s definitely worth it to grind your own.

Dinner last night was a HUGE salad topped with a veggie burger after a very cold, but very invigorating 3 mile run on the Towpath

I also added a big scoop of hummus for good measure 🙂

Time to enjoy the day off school and hopefully get ahead on some work. Have a great day everyone- safe travels if you aren’t lucky enough to stay inside all day!


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