Dreaming of Summer

Question: What better way to spend a bitter cold day than by eating summery food?

Answer: There is no better way.

So, that’s exactly what I did today 🙂

Oatmeal with berries. I know it is not time for berries, and I generally try to eat somewhat seasonally, but I saw these at the grocery and decided I needed them.

In the bowl was:

1/2cup oats

1/2cup skim milk

1/2cup water


splash of vanilla, pinch of salt, and dash of cinnamon

topped with: strawberries and blackberries

It was warm and fresh. Exactly what I was looking for!

Lunch was something beautiful. Really– something beautiful.

Spinach, romaine, walnuts, blueberries, and a super juicy orange.

I topped this glorious mixture with a dressing of:

the juice of half the orange (I cut the peel off the other half, then cut it into bite-sized sections)

a slight drizzle of EVOO- probably 1tsp

and a pinch of salt

This salad was SO GOOD. It tasted like summer. I had to force myself to remember that it was bitter cold out, not the middle of July.

I had a whole wheat English muffin on the side. Let’s be serious- I can’t live without carbs.

I tried a new pizza crust recipe for dinner and it turned out pretty well. Still working for the perfect recipe! As far as Schock is concerned, if it’s not Papa John’s, it isn’t perfect!

I tried to tone down the unhealthy-ness by pairing it with carrot sticks and cucumber slices… and ranch dressing. Haha 😀

I did go to an hour cycling class tonight- I slept through the morning class- so I thought the ranch was alright 😉

Time for Thursday night shows and homework! Have a good night friends



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