Losing My Balance

Hi Guys! Happy Wednesday-is-almost-over time! haha

Sorry for the several day hiatus. It seems that I am losing my balance. More specifically, I am having trouble balancing everything going on in my life.

I’m not complaining- I’m very, very blessed to have everything going on that I do. Sometimes it’s just hard to juggle all of these blessings!

I had a fabulous birthday. I never get used to not being with my family on my birthday, but spending it with some of my best friends, their boyfriends, and my fiance (!) made it such a special day… well, day before. We celebrated early 🙂

Like the haircut?! 😀

My birthday was great.

Valentine’s Day was also great- I love the holiday alllllmost as much as my birthday! I mean, it’s basically an extended celebration, right?

I made delicious brownie cupcakes (bake brownie mix in cupcake tins) and frosted them with a perfectly pink homemade buttercream

Valentine & Birthday sprinkles completed the cuteness. These tasted even better than they looked, if that’s even possible 😉

I also made a giant pan of lasagna that we will be eating forever.

Also delicious. Neither of these things are healthy. In any capacity. Maybe that’s why Schock decided to marry me? I finally gave in and stopped making fat free lasagna?

Don’t laugh. It happened once. And it was NOT good.

Other recent eats have been homefries with spinach and eggs, berry smoothies, soup, salads, and pb&j. I’m seriously being lazy in the kitchen. This needs to stop!

While some things have been slacking lately, including cooking and blogging, the gym has not taken a toll.

No matter how busy I am, I always feel better if I take time to exercise. There is something about sweating out my frustrations on a spin bike that just makes me a better person. I can’t explain it!

If you’ll excuse me, I actually have my homework done, the apartment cleaned (kind of) and I can get to bed on time to wake up for 7am cycling. Thank heavens!

Have a good night everyone- see you tomorrow 😀 Hope you guys are as excited about the weekend as I am!



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