Chick’n Parm

Hello Friends!

Good news– my Dad found the camera cord and it is currently on its way back to me. Regular blogging shall resume within a mere few days!

That is, if I have any readers left after this debacle πŸ˜‰

Things have been quite busy around here- so, so much school work + starting half marathon training = one busy Abby.

It would be nice to be the kind of person who could get things done in a leisurely manner, but alas, I am not. I work best under pressure so I somehow end up turning my life into a chaotic disaster, which helps me work better. Make sense to you? No? Me either. Haha

Anyway, at the very least my dinner made sense. Schock is gone on Tuesday nights so I’m free to experiment in the kitchen without forcing him to eat my creations.

I cooked a Morningstar Farm chick’n patty according to package directions (375* for 18 minutes) then I topped it with marinara and mozzarella cheese for a quick and easy “chick’n parm”. This was so delicious! If the thought of a vegetarian chicken patty freaks you out, give this a try. I promise you’ll like it!

I paired this with a heaping pile of steamed broccoli, topped with a little Earth Balance and salt & pepper. A delicious, healthy meal that took less than 20 minutes to make? Yes please! Especially on a super busy Tuesday night.

Confession: I added 2 pieces of pepperoni to the chick’n parm so it wasn’t really vegetarian 😦  It was, however, a very tasty addition and one I did not regret. Also- sorry for the camera photo again! Only a few more days of unbearable photos.

Before dinner I ran 3.3 miles around the neighborhood. I was searching for a certain professor’s house but I forgot the name of the street I was looking for (idiot). So, I basically just ran all around with no direction until the Garmin told me I had gone 3 miles. Running outside is so hilly fun- I love discovering new places while I run πŸ˜€

I tried to get some work done at Caribou Coffee tonight since I was not having any luck at home. Caribou was jam-packed and super loud though so I ate a giant scone, drank a skim latte, and bounced.

What can I say, I die without a dessert fix every day πŸ˜‰

Time to finish this ridiculous amount of homework and head to bed. Is it Spring Break yet?!



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