Breakfast To-Go

Hi friends! Hope you’re having a great Thursday 😀

Busy as usual over here, but I somehow managed to slip in an adult beverage while outlining this afternoon, a little time in the sunshine, and a nap. Not too shabby 🙂

I also enjoyed a rather delicious to-go breakfast this morning.

A strawberry and Nutella sandwich. One word: yum.

I’m pretty sure that when you make this (which you will) and eat it in your car (which you will), you’ll be asking, “where has this been my whole life?!” (like I did).

Please pardon the poor presentation- I was running out the door this morning!

This definitely got my day started off on a good note.

I made a very simple, yet very healthy meal for dinner last night. It also doubled as lunch today. I ❤ leftovers!

I cooked some brown rice, steamed a head of fresh broccoli and a huge carrot, and re-heated the last bit of Friday’s tofu. I poured on a little soy sauce to add some flavor and devoured. Fresh, fast, and healthy- that’s what we’re all about, people! 🙂

Due to my leisurely nap after outlining this afternoon, dinner was an easy go-to: tacos (with ground turkey). Who doesn’t love tacos?

I enjoyed a piece of coffee cake from Starbuck’s this morning as a snack, so I only had one taco even though I could have eaten two. I feel full though, so I guess my theory of balancing treats worked 🙂

Time for Thursday night television & more outlining- The Office is new tonight!

Have a great evening, everyone 🙂



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