Third Breakfast?

Happy Friday! I am seriously feeling the TGIF this week! Only one week of classes left- terrifying and exciting at the same time 😀

For some reason I am outrageously hungry today. Seriously. I just had a snack, and I’ve already eaten 3 breakfasts.

This tends to happen to me from time-to-time. For a normal person this might mean weight loss, but not for me. I actually think it has something to do with caffeine and blood sugar issues- but separate from one another.

If I have too much caffeine I get shaky & extra hungry, or if I wait too long to eat I get shaky & eat everything in sight until my blood sugar feels normal again. Today I definitely felt like it was a blood sugar thing. I haven’t had much coffee, yet. Maybe someday I should get this checked out? haha 🙂

First breakfast: coffee & cheerios & skim milk at 6am

Second breakfast: nutella & pb sandwich at 8:45am- I packed this for an early lunch in the library but then I was hit with a massive wave of hunger on the way to school do I devoured it.

Third breakfast: iced coffee with skim, dry roasted cashews, and an apple. I was seriously shaking by the time I ate this snack. So annoying!! Now I feel much better though. Yay for protein and healthy fats 🙂

Hopefully I can get by with a lighter lunch since I’ve already eaten so much today!

It’s gorgeous out, but I’m currently stuck in the library outlining crim law. Allow me a second to feel sorry for myself 😦

Okay, thanks. 😉

Well, enjoy your Friday friends! See you later this evening!


One thought on “Third Breakfast?

  1. Abby, you needed a protein with the cereal, like an egg or peanut butter. carry a protein bar with you at all times! Are you getting enough water? love grandma

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