Gooood evening- Hope you’re having a great Saturday πŸ˜€

We’ve had a pretty decent weekend over here so far. A little baseball-watching last night, lots of work & some exercise today, and we just finished watching the crazy movie, 127 Hours. In case you don’t know what it is, it’s a movie about a climber who gets stuck in a canyon and ends up cutting his arm off to free himself . Yeah. It was wild. Not sure if I would recommend it, as I had my eyes closed about 80% of the time.

Anyway, before movie time, I managed to squeeze in a little exercise. I did Cardio Power & Resistance, one of the Insanity workouts. I love Insanity but it is riiiidiculous. I forgot how hard it was until I was panting, begging for mercy on the living room floor. I was glad I did it though- what a workout! The series is definitely not for everyone- it’s basically all incredibly high impact. I did it for a month last summer before it started to hurt my shins/knees. I think it’s nice to incorporate in to a workout routine occasionally though πŸ˜€

So, last night I made some pretty tasty stromboli for Schock and I. I used my new favorite crust recipe from one of my favorite food blogs, How Sweet It Is. The dough recipe is from her buffalo chicken pizza recipe, which I need to test asap!

Anyway, I made the dough using her recipe (I used 1 cup whole wheat & 1 cup white flour, so Schock didn’t panic), then I just divided it into two pieces when it was done rising. I rolled them out into circles and topped Schock’s with sauce, turkey pepperoni, and tons-o-cheese. Then, I folded one side over and sealed it right up! I filled mine with sauce, spinach, shredded cheese, and a drizzle of Frank’s Red Hot for a little kick.

I baked these at 350* for right around 22 minutes. They turned out perfectly! Stromboli is a nice change from pizza even though it’s basically the exact same ingredients πŸ™‚

I ate half last night and enjoyed the other halfΒ  for lunch today (with an egg on top) and a side salad. I wish I had another half for lunch tomorrow! πŸ™‚

I made quite the lovely dinner this evening as well πŸ™‚

I baked chicken for Schock and slathered it in some Neely’s barbeque sauce, which was super delicious. I haven’t really been in the mood for meat lately so I baked a can of chickpeas for myself and covered those with barbeque sauce. Served up with my specialty, mashed potatoes (and green beans for me), this was a great Saturday night dinner!

A little bbq sauce on the green beans to cover up the vegetable flavor πŸ˜‰

I forgot to take a picture of Schock’s chicken, but it turned out nicely too. Very crispy, in a good way πŸ™‚

On a side note: I seriously need to stop taking pictures on the plain carpet. How lame. Mom, I need some colored placemats! πŸ˜‰

I think I’m going to have a big bowl of strawberries for dessert & work on my reading for this week.Early bedtime tonight- I have to run 8 miles tomorrow!

Have a great night everyone πŸ™‚



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