Summer Vacation

Hi everyone! Hope you’re having a great Monday! I sure am 🙂

Let’s see, today I started one of my jobs, got to watch the 11 o’clock hour of the Today Show, went for a run with some girlfriends, and bought seeds/dirt for my container garden. Not a bad day at all!

One of my jobs is working as a research assistant for a really great professor. She gave me a list of things to do & I just get to do them wherever I want- naturally, everything that can be done while sitting outside will be. Perfect 🙂

I only had a smoothie for breakfast, so I was starving when I got home for lunch at 11. I made the quickest lunch I know: an egg & cheese sandwich. I enjoyed mine with some cucumber & carrot sticks

After lunch I went on a little run with my friends. Having running buddies is seriously the best thing ever, and I hope we keep it up! 🙂

Since I finally finished finals on Saturday (thanks for bearing with the lack of posting) I have time to do things I want- like work on my garden.

I started a container garden last summer & I’m so excited to continue this year. Who says you can’t grow your own vegetables while living in an apartment?! Thankfully, we have a huge balcony to hold all of my pots!

I’ll have some pictures for you guys later this week once I get everything cleaned up & my seeds planted. So exciting 🙂

In other news: it’s summer vacation! The plan for the summer is lots of working, classes, running, and blogging. I’m hoping to have lots of fresh new recipes for you guys, as well as some summer workout tips and how to lead a balanced and healthy life when all you really want to do is lay by the pool 😉

I’m going to rummage for a salad beast, then we’re off to meet up with some friends and celebrate a birthday- Happy Birthday Pat!

I’ll see you guys tomorrow- enjoy the abundant & wonderful sunshine 😀

One thought on “Summer Vacation

  1. Glad your back Abby! you sound really busy!! I went to your mom &dads for mothers day, your dad made the best meal, steak, mashed potatoes, green beans, and a great salad. Ben made a boston cream cake for dessert it was great. But you were missed can`t wait to see you again. love grandma ps Mark & jennas wedding was great! you can see pictures at love you grandma

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