Take a Hike

Hi guys! Hope you’re having a lovely morning 🙂

We’re heading to Cleveland for an afternoon Tribe game. Cross your fingers that the rain holds off for us!

Yesterday was a busy, but fun day filled with working, hiking, garden-planting, and walking.

Breakfast was overnight oats in a yogurt container with 1/2 cup oats, almond milk, and a little leftover yogurt. Precise measuring not needed for overnight oats 🙂

I topped them with almond butter, nutella, 1/2 a banana and some strawberries

Overnight oats are, hands-down, the best breakfast invention. I don’t think I could ever get tired of them!

For lunch I had a big tuna sandwich with lettuce, tomato, and pepperjack cheese on wheat. I realize it’s probably not necessary (or figure-friendly) to add cheese to a tuna sandwich, but I really love pepperjack cheese & like to eat it whenever possible 🙂

I enjoyed my sandwich with a side of tomato slices, cucumber spears, and carrot sticks

This lunch was SO filling. I had to save some of the veggies for later 🙂

Schock and I went on a hike at Brandywine Falls in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park yesterday. It was such a wonderful day, I’m glad we made time to get outside and explore

We hiked the mile long trail around the falls, and ended with a view of the waterfall. Very beautiful 🙂

Our map. I ❤ maps, haha 😀

A super creepy spider we saw. Anyone know what this thing is?!

A sign telling us what will happen if we jumped the fence. Someone died there on Tuesday, which is really sad, but I kind of think you get what you deserve if you jump a fence with that sign on it!

And, a very sweaty picture of me in front of the falls. So charming 🙂

It was a great hike- I love having the national park so close by!

Time to go cheer on the Indians! Have a great afternoon 🙂


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