A Weekend Off

Hi guys! Hope you had a great weekend & Monday 🙂

I took the weekend off from everything. For the first time since spring break, I shut off my computer and didn’t touch it the entire weekend. If felt so good to just disconnect from the world for awhile. We enjoyed a great weekend in PA with my family, complete with a cookout & a new bike purchase. (I’ll show you the bike later!)

I’m cooking dinner quickly then heading to the first night of summer class- yuck! I am seriously NOT a night person- I stop functioning around 8 pm, so class from 6:30-9:30 three nights a week should be… interesting.

Anyway, I thought I’d update you with some pictures from the weekend before I head off to class 🙂

My cookout plate- a turkey burger will all the fixings, baked beans, coleslaw, potato salad, a few chips & a pile of veggies. Also consumed: a million chips with salsa, 2 small pieces of cake, and fresh fruit. My mom knows how to put together a great spread!

Schock’s graduation cake, expertly decorated by my mom 🙂

Massive amounts of road trip snacks. Very healthy, wouldn’t you say? 😉  We ran 8 miles on Saturday & biked Sunday so I feel like the splurge is alright 🙂

Sadly, the KitKat melted in the car so we didn’t get to enjoy the whole thing… all 4 servings of it.

Today’s salad beast- romaine, green & yellow peppers, cucumbers & pepperjack. My mom send me home with a huge bag of chopped veggies, so I just had to toss them on my salad this morning. Perfect.

Also, pardon the picture. My co-workers don’t know about the little blog yet so I creepily snapped the picture at my desk 😉

Well, I’m off to get ready for class. My dad my have a heart attack, but after working all day, I think I’d rather work than go to class these days. Can it be that I’m turning into an adult?!

Yeah right 😉

Have a great night everyone! And, Go Tribe!!!


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