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Well- I did it. I made it through 5 weeks of summer night class. Whoever invented 3 hour classes 3 nights a week is a maniac and I hate them we are not friends.

Unfortunately, blogging just did not make the cut the past few weeks. I’m proud of myself for continuing to exercise and eat well while working 3 jobs and taking a class, but I’m sad I didn’t have time/make time to blog!

Hopefully you’ll forgive me 😉

I’ll catch you up on the past few weeks through food- things have been very simple and quick around here but they have stayed pretty healthy… besides a week-long cornbread bender haha

Baked beans, cornbread with Earth Balance, and collard greens with crushed red pepper. I was craving barbeque one night and this was such a delicious meal! (although nothing can really take the place of ribs!)

Potato salad made with leftover roasted potatoes, celery, carrots, mustard, plain yogurt, and lots of fresh dill & parsley. I ❤ potato salad and this is was such a great “lighter” version.

Breakfast veggie tacos (for dinner). Two eggs, topped with sauteed zuchini and carrots, cheese, tomatoes, and lots of salt & pepper. Taco Tuesday is such a fun time to play around with different, more healthy taco fillings 🙂

My staple sandwich of the past week: homemade white bean & cilantro hummus on Great Harvest bread with loads of veggies. You can’t help but feel great after you eat a lunch this fresh and delicious. And, if you haven’t been to Great Harvest yet, get yourself there soon. Everything is absolutely amazing!

We’ve pretty much been living off of sandwiches lately. And salads, and smoothies -just me, not Andy 😉 And… eggs. We bought 90 eggs at Sam’s Club last weekend. I don’t want to talk about it. haha

But really, what’s better than an egg sandwich that takes about a minute to cook but can serve as dinner any night of the week? Nothing, I tell you. Add some lettuce from the container garden and a pile of cherry tomatoes and you can call it a well-balanced meal. Perfect 🙂

Well, hopefully life has calmed down a bit and Legal Eats can be a bit more stable- thanks for sticking around friends!

2 thoughts on “Back to Blogging

  1. Glad to see you back Abby! Your meals are looking awesome and totally delicious. I have a loaf of Great Harvest bread on the counter right now and it is sooo good.

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