Three B’s

Bagels, Bad Decisions, BLTs.

(now I have you hooked right, what’s the bad decision?!)

I had half a bagel for breakfast. It was topped with 3 egg whites, cheese and hot sauce.

Lots of canteloupe and strawberries. I went on a lovely 3mile run this morning and cold, refreshing fruit was allll I wanted when I finished đŸ™‚

I had a biiiiiiig salad for lunch topped with last night’s Southwest Chickpeas and Corn — but I forgot to take a picture. I need to remember to snap some pics when I’m packing things up!

I had a wonderful BLT for dinner, complete with fresh french baguette & cherry tomatoes from the farmer’s market. I was eating the tomatoes like grapes (or cherries haha) and Andy thought I was so weird. Is that weird??!! I don’t think so- there is nothing quite as amazing as a fresh, ripe summer tomato!

But anyway, the BLT

Piled in lettuce from the garden. I swear there’s another piece of bread under there.

The BLT was fab. It got nice and toasty on the paninni press and I loved evvvery bite.

It almost made me forget about this morning when I ate a 550 calorie donut. Sometimes (read:most times) I have no self-control around sweets. I’m getting better but it’s a tough journey. So anyway, I ate this donut at work then I looked up the nutrition facts because I’m crazy I was curious.

Well, I picked the most caloric donut in Dunkin’s entire line-up. No, that’s not a joke.

What’s worse is that it gave me a terrible headache. Way too much sugar, period. No good.

But, like most bad decisions I learned a little lesson. Don’t give into workplace temptation- office sweets are plentiful but rarely worthwhile.

In the event you do give in, don’t beat yourself up over it. Move on, eat something healthy and nutritious your next meal, and get over it.

That’s the beauty of consistently healthy living: if you eat well and exercise often, little hiccups don’t matter. đŸ™‚

Random post, but maybe you made a bad  not so good decision and needed a little encouragement too? Let me know!


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