The Key to Tofu…

… Is over-cooking it!

I’m really trying to like tofu. I’m up to not-minding it, but I don’t love it yet.

Not sure why I feel I need to love it, but I do! 🙂

So anyway- the key to making it paletable to the non-tofu lovers amongst us is cooking it for a long time until it gets chewy & crispy. Marinades don’t hurt, either 😉

Tonight I cooked up a block of extra firm, organic tofu that I pressed, sliced thin, then marinated in a store bought sesame ginger sauce. The marinade was so-so, it was Good Housekeeping brand and it was expensive as all get out. Not a fan- making your own is where it’s at.

I cooked the tofu for 35-40 minutes on 400* in a glass baking dish sprayed with non-stick cooking spray. A pan would have worked better, though, fyi.

Once it got nice and crispy, I chopped it up and served it over rice with a side of green beans. A little time consuming but definitely worth it for a great source of vegetarian protein 🙂

Honestly, if I had to eat raw or unseasoned tofu, I would totally vom. I’m just not there yet.  But, if you cook the living daylights out of it and get it nice and crispy, it’s actually really good.

You should give it a try and let me know what you think- any good tofu recipes??

Or, you could be like Andy and eat 4 drumsticks covered in hot wing sauce with a side of garlic bread. What can I say, I know what the kid likes 🙂


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