Quesadilla and Day 1

Okay, so day one was an epic fail. You see, I put off my run all day and then by 8pm (and the Biggest Loser) I simply could not make myself do it. Lesson learned: training runs need to be done early in the day otherwise they won’t happen.

As soon as I publish this post I’m going to hit the dreadmill treadmill for my 3 miler, I promise!

At least dinner was successful last night: chicken quesadillas and roasted broccoli.

I got this GIANT bag of broccoli at Sam’s Club 2 weeks ago and I’ve been eating massive amounts of the stuff at almost every meal ever since. I pretty much love roasted or raw broccoli, but if you feed it to me steamed I will throw it in your face 😉 Yuck.

The secret? Drizzle on a little oil (I’m loving canola lately as I truly despise the taste of olives and hence, olive oil). Then, sprinkle with kosher salt, pepper, and crushed garlic. Roast at 400* for around 20 minutes until broccoli looks slightly crispy. This is seriously so delicious and such a fast, easy way to make a healthy vegetable appealing to even the toughest critic.

Pair it with some ketchup for dipping and you’re all set 🙂

I also made a little quesadilla made with cheddar, mozzarella, and leftover organic chicken fingers I made Saturday night. I’m on a new kick of not wasting ANY food so be prepared to see many leftover recipes!




Have a great Wednesday guys- see you tonight with a running update for real.

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