Run # 1

The first run of marathon training is in the books and I must say, it was a great one šŸ™‚

I have this mantra I repeat in my head while I run (yes this is a strange thing to admit on the internet). I always say, “sanity, health, weight” over and over again when I am struggling with a run, or any workout. These are the reasons I exercise: stress relief, to clear my head, so I can live and long, healthy, and active life at a healthy weight. It helps me to repeat these ideas when I’m feeling like I want to give up. For me, the long-term goals are worth more than the momentary pain (unless of course you are actually injured, then you should be smart and stop!)


So anyway, my little 3 miler felt great today and I finished in 30:34. Yes, this is incredibly slow to some of you speed demons out there but I’m working consistently to get faster so I’m proud of this base. šŸ˜‰

After my run I packed up a GIANT salad to take to work but I forgot to snap a picture- I’m still adjusting to this blogging thing again! Just know that it was an entire head of romaine, about a million chopped baby carrots, some leftover chicken (using leftovers!) and that my boss questioned what I could possibly eating in such a large bowl. Embarrassing. What can I say, I love fiber.

Luckily I had a super healthy lunch because dinner was Velveeta Shells & Cheese.


I know, I know. It’s literally like poison in a box. But my GOSH it is so good. I seriously have to cut myself off after a certain point because I find Velveeta to be so delicious and will eat wayyyy too much (another big secret for the internet today, hopefully you will all still be my friend.)

I have class at 7:30 most days of the week, plus with work, homework, and exercise, I’m basically dead on my feet by the time dinner time rolls around. Same with Andy. Some nights it’s just so nice to make a fast meal we agree on (even if it’s fakely orange and comes in a squeezable packet).


At least I paired it with more roasted broccoli šŸ˜‰

Off to do quickly do my reading for tomorrow then probably pass out by 8:30. I feel like I’m getting a cold?! Yuck!

Have a good night friends šŸ™‚


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