Thursday is for FroYo

Whew. Thursday is over. Now we can get to the good stuff, Friday without class.

I managed to get in a good run today despite having 3 classes and feeling overwhelming lazy this morning. 3 miles and now we rest until 6 miles on Saturday. I’m a littttle nervous, I haven’t run that far in ages!

Anyway, I made myself a delicious lunch of an egg and cheese bagel & clementines 🙂



So I ate this lunch, did homework, ran on the treadmill and went to class. When I left class at 5 there was a blizzard and it took me 45 minutes to get to Chipotle home, which is 2 miles away. No joke. So I grabbed dinner from Chipotle, rushed home, ate it faster than I thought possible, and sped back for night class.

Whew. Thursdays are intense. As is driving in the snow when people are going literally almost 2 miles per hour and you are starving to death/going insane in your car. Let’s just say I really needed what came next:

My FroYo love, Menchie’s.


I have finally convinced Andy of the true miracle on this planet that is self-serve frozen yogurt. He’s catching on. That or I always have to pay so he doesn’t mind going 😉 I drove home then ate, so things are a little melty and ugly looking. Trust me, it was delicious!


I think Andy better prepare himself because marathon training is going to be expensive: Menchie’s (and any other icecream I come across), cheeseburgers, and massages (obviously).

I’m looking forward to it already 🙂

Now, I’m going to face plant in bed and crash with my sugar coma. Goodnight!


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